We Want You to Enjoy Northern Cardinals!

We've been asked quite a bit lately about Northern Cardinals and attracting more to the feeders and backyard.

There are four key components to entice Northern Cardinals.

1) Habitat.  Northern Cardinals prefer cover near food sources, and evergreens are a favorite. So, plant more shrubs and trees in and around your property, choose to feed near areas that provide more greenery.

2) Feeder Type Matters.  Ensure you have the right type of feeders that give cardinals stability while feeding.  A larger perch surface is key:  Hopper or house-style feeders, large U-shaped perches, and platform style feeders or seed trays are preferred by the Northern Cardinal.  

3) Sunflower & Safflower.  Feed sunflower and/or safflower, which are favorites of Northern Cardinals.  If you feed a blend, choose quality blends like our Cardinal Chorus or Classic, with a high concentration of Northern Cardinal seed favorites.  

4) Fresh Water.  Adding a birdbath, fountain, or more water sources to your yard will significantly increase your bird activity, to include Northern Cardinals.  Freezing temperatures? No problem- choose one of our high-quality birdbath heaters or deicers that are thermostatically controlled and watch wild birds flock to the water source.

Remember, if you want more nature in your backyard, create the natural habitat birds love, and we guarantee they'll bless you with their company!  

Have more questions?  Contact us or stop by the shop and chat with us!  

Happy Birding!