The enjoyment of bird-watching is fundamentally intermingled with learning, which leads to a quiet consciousness of the natural world around us.

Hello Bird Lovers!

Melinda Cousins, Proprietor

I love birds! I love watching wild birds flit around my yard, observing habits, learning calls, the ritual of checking feeders and birdbaths, hearing from customers about what's going on in their yards- all of it. When I was young, I helped my dad fill the feeders around our home, and my enjoyment of birding grew during a field biology course in college, which cemented the passion inside me. Being outside in nature is such a pleasure, whether I'm sitting on the back porch, camping in the Shenandoah, or birding on the Eastern Shore.

I have called the Williamsburg area home since 2012, and I am proud of its rich history, cultural significance, and local flair. My education and background include an M.S. in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech; a B.A. from Mary Baldwin College; graduate of the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership (VWIL); and I currently serve in the Marine Corps Reserve. I hail from the Pittsburgh, PA area - here we go Steelers!

My love of birds stems from an overall passion for nature, which contributes to the joy of living.

See you at the shop and til then, Happy Birding!

Shelley K., Assistant Manager

My childhood home in Indiana was situated on a 200-acre Classified Forest and Wildlands property. My Grandfather nurtured and protected all living things in these woods and taught me to do the same. When I wasn’t in school, I was at his side learning everything I could about nature. My Grandfather taught me to be quiet as a child and listen to the birds- this is where my love of birds started.

I have lived many places in the United States and throughout Europe, travelling with my husband during his 30 years of military service. We settled in Virginia 16 years ago. I recently retired from a 30-year dog grooming business, and the backyard birds still enjoy pet hair as a nesting material. I currently live on a large wooded property, which I share with my husband, son, and several rescued furry friends.

Throughout my life, I have continued to learn and love all things outdoors. Morning dog walks on the beach are a favorite part of the day, and a great opportunity to watch the resident Bald Eagle, Black Vultures, Pelicans, Double-Crested Cormorants, Seagulls and Sandpipers. I also enjoy expanding my ever growing garden.

At present, I have 4 feeding stations with 11 various birdfeeders! I have seen many special visitors to my birdfeeders, including a Rough Legged Hawk, Painting Buntings, and Summer Tanagers. I’ve also had great success squirrel proofing, and my husband enjoys the squirrels on my terms - at the squirrel feeder!

I hope to see you soon to share stories and wild bird encounters!


Dean S.

I have lived in Williamsburg almost my entire life. I started working for Colonial Williamsburg as a musician at age 14.  I went to UVA undergrad and VCU for grad school.  

I have been a Virginia Master Naturalist for the last 10 years, many of those years serving on the board.  I love being outside with my friends learning about and sharing our wonderful natural areas.

I keep feeders in my back and front yards at all times.  Although I have birded on six continents, my favorite birds are the permanent and seasonal  visitors who come to my feeders.

I look forward to enjoying the birds of Williamsburg with you! 

Rose R.

I have lived in Toano, Virginia since 2006 and in the Hampton Roads area since 1993. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. With a high stress career as a Registered Nurse, I appreciated the solace and beauty that is found in nature. I have been fascinated by all living creatures, especially birds, since childhood. I enjoy watching the regular backyard birds at my multiple feeders as well as exploring the area for non-feeder birds, seasonal migrants, and the occasional rare visitor. In recent years, I have joined the Historic Rivers Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists. As a Master Naturalist, I have worked on projects such as the Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas 2 and currently co-lead a wildlife mapping group that regularly observes and documents all wildlife at a local birding hotspot.

“I go out into the woods and every bird and flower I see stirs me to the heart with something. I do not know what it is; only that I love them; I love them with all my strength… They are my Bible. This is my nature.” -Ernest Thomas Seton

I look forward to meeting you at the shop and talking about nature and birdlife!