A wild bird seed & supply dedicated to improving conservation and human-nature relationships at all levels.


The enjoyment of bird-watching is fundamentally intermingled with learning, which leads to a quiet consciousness of the natural world around us.


why backyard birder?

  • Specialized Advice & Personalized Customer Service:  Let us help make your backyard (deck, porch, window) into a haven, filled with wild bird activity.  Fly on in and chat with us today.
  • Independent & Locally Owned:  Support independently owned, small businesses and the rewards stay in our communities- our backyard.  
    • Backyard Birder Seed & Supply supports wild bird conservation, local vendors and civic organizations through your patronage.   
  • American Pride:   90% of Backyard Birder's products are Made in America.
  • Top-Quality Guaranteed.  The best wild bird seed in town say our birders!  Backyard Birder carries premium quality wild bird seed & feed, supplies, and more.  Quality = less work for MORE birds, healthier birds, and a wider diversity of birds!

Be rewarded for supporting birdlife by shopping with Backyard Birder

Our Birder Rewards Program has tweet-worthy seed & loyalty rewards with NO club fees!