Backyard Birder Resources

The fundamentals.  Just like us, birds need the basics:  food, water & shelter.  Whatever the season, bird populations thrive when their basic needs are met.  Below are some great resources for birders. Just click on the question to be linked to the resource, and remember, we're here to help - check out the contact page to reach us!

How do I create a wildlife habitat where I live?

What do specific backyard birds eat?

Are there any great apps for bird identification?

Where can I find info on nest boxes & structures?

Where can I view nest cams?

What is a good online resource to learn about bird behavior?

What is the regional migration forecast?

What is Project FeederWatch, or where can I sign up?

What's new with the Williamsburg Bird Club?

What's new with the Virginia Society of Ornithology?

What if I'm new to the hobby, how do I get started?

We hope you find these sources useful! 

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Happy Birding!